Knight All India Package





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Places Covered

  •   New Delhi
  •   Jaipur
  •   Taj Mahal
  •   Mumbai
  •   Goa
  •   Alleppey (Kerala)
  •   Cochin (Kerala)

Knight India Package

Looking to spend an exotic honeymoon in a picture-perfect romantic country? Our Knight All India Package is the perfect option for you. The 14-days package offers you some of the most picturesque views and experiences to celebrate your wedding. 


What does it include?


Every hotel and cherry-picked places in North and South India to make your stay romantic and exotic! 


Our package includes transportation during your stay in India including pick up/drop to the airport, premium accommodation with a breathtaking view in every city and a taste of various cuisines during each meal.

In the 14 days Knight All India Package, we will cover four major states in India that are unarguably one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon across the world. We have picked the right spots to visit and luxurious rooms in premium hotels to make every moment of your honeymoon a special one. We cover Mumbai, Goa, Cochin and Alleppey in Kerala, Jaipur, New Delhi and Taj Mahal in Agra.


 What do these places offer?


Each of these destinations offers unique experiences to make your trip special. 


Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India is the home to the colourful Bollywood cinema. The mix of historical structures of the colonial rule and the post-independence architecture makes it a charming place to visit.

Goa, the king of beaches offers everything to newlywed couples. The South Goa region is for couples who are looking for a quiet, peaceful time. North Goa is the destination to let your hair loose and party till dawn.

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life are the meditative backwaters of Kerala. Watch the scenery unfold from a boathouse and stroll through the endless tea gardens with romance in the air. 

Get a taste of royalty by visiting Jaipur, the pink city of India that houses massive forts from the Kingly era of India.

The capital city, New Delhi has some of the most historic monuments in India’s history. It also has world-renowned markets selling indigenous and rare items.

Only the people who have visited Taj Mahal in Agra understand why it is called as the eternal symbol of love. There is no better way for any couple to begin their life together than basking under the glory of this historical monument.


What’s special about this package?


We at LovingHoneymoons understand the importance of honeymoon in every married couple’s life. Our package is carefully planned to make every moment special with scenic views, luxurious hotel rooms and several activities. The activities and experiences include:


A romantic dinner with champagne upon your arrival

Historic and beach tour of Goa

Beer from India’s finest breweries

Overnight stay on a boathouse in Kerala

Calming Ayurvedic Massage

Professional makeup and photography at Mumbai, Jaipur and Taj Mahal

Historic tour of New Delhi and shopping at famous markets

Cooking class for North Indian cuisines & Goan Curry

What makes this trip lovely?

14 Amazing days

Free Professional Photo at Taj Mahal

Unbeatable Romantic Experiences

Highly Affordable

Fun Activities

Best of India

Gallery: Knight India Package

Flexible Itinerary: Knight India Package

Day 1: Mumbai
Your personal tour planner will pick you up and check you in one of the premium hotels in Mumbai that gives you a beautiful view of the city. To kickstart your romantic holiday, we take you for a magical evening that includes a romantic dinner and champagne.
Day 2: Mumbai
The next day is dedicated to some sightseeing and then a fun activity. After you have visited some historical places and explored the city’s colonial architecture, our expert chef will teach you to prepare delicious North Indian cuisine. You end the day by tasting the delectable food you have prepared during the class.
Day 3: Mumbai

The final day in Mumbai is reserved for creating memories. We take you to some of the major sightseeing places in Mumbai. Our professional photographer will make sure we capture every moment you spend together in Mumbai. We will then fly you to Goa to spend the night with a relaxing beach view from your hotel room. 
Day 4: Goa

Begin your morning with a walk on the beach and watch the majestic sunrise. After a scrumptious breakfast, we will take you for a tour of Goa’s most iconic places built during the Portugal rule.
Day 5: Goa
We’ll take you to suburban places around Goa to witness some timeless places. Later, our expert chef will take a special cooking class to teach you to cook the famous Goan curry.
Day 6: Goa
Relax on the beach, have a drink and find comfort in the lazy ambience of Goa during the day. We will pick you up later for an unforgettable sunset cruise and romantic dinner on a yacht.
Day 7: Cochin, Kerala

Once you arrive at Cochin, you can relax in the luxurious hotel room that offers the scenic view of the backwaters. We have arranged some of the finest Indian beer to help you unwind.
Day 8: Alleppey, Kerala

Kerala’s backwaters are known across the world for its quaint view. We will give you an up-close experience of backwater by driving you on an overnight private cruise. The cruise will have all the comfort that premium hotels have to offer along with a changing romantic view as it navigates through the villages of Kerala. There will be two staff members posted on the boat for navigation and service.
Day 9: Alleppey, Kerala
The private cruise ends on day 9, but the fun doesn’t. After you arrive at the port, we will take you for an Ayurvedic Herbal massage to relax your mind and soul. Simply lie down, hold hands and enjoy the calm.
Day 10: Jaipur
We fly you to Jaipur where you can check-in to a palatial hotel that feels a part of the city. The pink city is a great place for sightseeing, with many historical sites including three major forts from the yesteryears.
Day 11: Jaipur
The trip to Jaipur is incomplete without getting a royal treatment. The traditional places are the best backdrop for memorable photographs. Our professional makeup artist and photographer will click your pictures at various places so you take it back with a lifetime of memories.
Day 12: New Delhi

Day 12 begins with a flight to New Delhi. You will be welcomed with a specially prepared Assam tea at one of the premium hotels in the city. Once you have relaxed, we take you for a historical tour of the city. New Delhi’s rich cultural history and architecture narrate the entire timeline of India’s past.
Day 13: New Delhi
A trip to New Delhi is incomplete without a visit to the traditional markets. And for honeymooners, you definitely need to pick souvenirs to use as memorabilia of the trip. Delhi has markets that date back to several years, offering clothes, accessories and traditional items. Our tour guide will be present to help you get the best prices and options from these markets.
Day 14: Taj Mahal

We’ve kept the best for last. Taj Mahal, one of the modern wonders of the world is an example of exemplary Mughal architecture. The monument was built by Emperor Shah Jehan as a symbol of love for his departed wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Experience the wonderful symbol of love as you make it memorable with the help of our award-winning professional photographer. Does this package fit the idea of your perfect honeymoon? Contact our professional tour planner today to receive a personalised honeymoon plan. We’ll make sure that your honeymoon is filled with love and romance.

What’s Included?


  •            All meals included for the duration of the trip.


  •             All transport within India included for the duration of the trip.

Premium Accommodation

  •             All premium accommodation included for the duration of the trip.

Professional Photo Shoot

  •             Mumbai
  •             Jaipur
  •             Taj Mahal


  •             Airport pick up on arrival
  •             Airport drop for departure


  •            Dinner with Champagne
  •            Historical Tour of Goa
  •            Indian beer
  •            Private overnight cruise in Kerala
  •            Ayurvedic herbal massage
  •            Historical Tour of New Delhi
  •            Shopping in New Delhi Markets

Fun Activities

  •            North Indian Cooking Class
  •            Goan Curry Cooking Class

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