5 Star All India Package





Price Per Person (USD)

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Places Covered

  •   New Delhi
  •   Jaipur
  •   Taj Mahal
  •   Mumbai
  •   Goa
  •   Alleppey (Kerala)
  •   Cochin (Kerala)
  •   Munnar (Kerala)
  •   Chennai

5 Star All India Package

Over 25 amazing days, our All India 5Star Romantic Honeymoon Package gives you the best of:

  •   Culturally-rich Mumbai
  •   Sunny beaches of Goa
  •   Cochin and Alleppey in relaxing Kerala
  •   Historic New Delhi
  •   Incomparable Taj Mahal

Our award-winning photographers will capture your best moments for no extra cost: Imagine a photo of you with your loved one, with the best background eyes could see, Taj Mahal over a beautiful sunset or sunrise!


How about in just 25 days you cover some of the best of both North and South India? Yes, this package is particularly designed for those who want to make the most of their romantic trip, in just 25 days. We’ve cherry-picked our activities, and experiences to suit this.

What makes this trip lovely?

25 Amazing days

Free Professional Photo at Taj Mahal

Unbeatable Romantic Experiences

Highly Affordable

Fun Activities

Best of India

Gallery: 5 Star All India Package

Flexible Itinerary: 5 Star All India Package

Day 1: Mumbai

Your Personal tour planner receives you at the Airport and checks you in at one of the premium 5 Star hotels in Mumbai. You relax with champagne and get ready for a romantic dinner.

Day 2: Mumbai

You are taken around various places in Mumbai for sightseeing and end the day with an exuberant Bollywood film.

Day 3: Mumbai

You finish your authentic North Indian cooking class and later clicked by our Professional Photographer before leaving for Goa.

Day 4: Goa

You arrive, relax at a 5 Star hotel, and get a tour around Goa and its Portuguese history.

Day 5: Goa

You get a tour around Suburban Goa and get a special class on cooking Goan curry.

Day 6: Goa

You get ready for a beautiful evening beginning with a Sunset Cruise, a Romantic Dinner and an overnight stay on a Yacht.

Day 7: Goa

You are driven to the scenic locales of Goa and clicked by our professional photographer.

Day 8: Cochin, Kerala

You arrive in Cochin, Kerala and take it easy with Indian beer while relaxing at a 5 Star hotel.

Day 9: Alleppey, Kerala

You are driven to the backwaters of Alleppey to board an amazingly romantic overnight private cruise with a staff of two who will navigate you through the villages of Kerala.

Day 10: Alleppey, Kerala

You return to Alleppey from your overnight cruise to get even more pampered with Ayurvedic herbal massage.

Day 11: Cochin, Kerala

You are taken around for Cochin for sightseeing.

Day 12: Cochin, Kerala

You relax more at the hotel and get a special class on cooking South Indian recipes.

Day 13: Alleppey, Kerala

Your special moments at the scenic locales of Alleppey are clicked by our professional photographer.

Day 14: Munnar, Kerala

You arrive in Munnar and relax at our 5 Star hotel partner.

Day 15: Munnar, Kerala

You are taken for a wilderness tour to spend the day spotting vivid wildlife.

Day 16: Munnar, Kerala

You are given a tour of the rich tea estates of Munnar and end it with a professional shoot.

Day 17: Chennai

You arrive in Chennai and relax at a 5 Star hotel before visiting the famous Temple and end the day with a delicious dinner.

Day 18: Chennai

You will have a taste of local sightseeing locations with a special treat of traveling in an auto rickshaw.

Day 19: Chennai

You are driven to Mahabalipuram to get a tour of the monuments and relax at the beach.

Day 20: Chennai

You visit a theme park for a day of togetherness and end the Chennai trip with a memorable photo shoot.

Day 21: Jaipur

You arrive at Jaipur and relax at a premium hotel before you begin the sightseeing of this beautiful city.

Day 22: Jaipur

You take a Hot Air Balloon Ride and leave Jaipur with memories in form of photographs clicked by our professional photographer.

Day 23: New Delhi

You fly to historical New Delhi and relax with specially prepared Assam tea. You are taken around New Delhi for a historical tour.

Day 24: New Delhi

You shop for souvenirs at Delhi’s busy markets.

Day 25: Taj Mahal

You are driven to the incomparable Taj Mahal and our award-winning photographer captures your special moment in front of world’s most romantic monument.

What’s Included?


  •            All meals included for the duration of the trip.


  •             All transport within India included for the duration of the trip.

Premium Accommodation

  •             All premium accommodation included for the duration of the trip.

Professional Photo Shoot

  •             Mumbai
  •             Goa
  •             Alleppey
  •             Munnar
  •             Chennai
  •             Jaipur
  •             Taj Mahal


  •             Airport pick up on arrival
  •             Airport drop for departure


  •            5 Star hotel stay at all locations
  •            Dinner with Champagne
  •            Bollywood film
  •            Historical Tour of Goa
  •            Overnight Yacht stay in Goa
  •            Indian beer
  •            Private overnight cruise in Kerala
  •            Ayurvedic herbal massage
  •            Wildlife tour in Munnar
  •            Sightseeing in auto rickshaw in Chennai
  •            Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur
  •            Historical Tour of New Delhi
  •            Shopping in New Delhi Markets

Fun Activities

  •            North Indian Cooking Class
  •            Goan Curry Cooking Class
  •            South Indian Cooking Class

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