5 Star All India Package





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Places Covered

  •   New Delhi
  •   Jaipur
  •   Taj Mahal
  •   Mumbai
  •   Goa
  •   Alleppey (Kerala)
  •   Cochin (Kerala)
  •   Munnar (Kerala)
  •   Chennai

5 Star All India Package

Does your idea of a perfect honeymoon include scenic locales, delicious food, exciting activities and 5 Star hotel rooms? Look no further, LovingHoneymoons have just the package that will make your romantic holiday a memorable one. You can experience some of the most beautiful places in India with the 5 Star All India Package spread across 25 days. We guarantee that the 5 Star hotel rooms booked for your trip will offer you luxurious rooms, delicious food, state-of-the-art amenities and excellent room service.


What do these places offer?


India’s diverse landscape makes it a great place to explore during your honeymoon. Each state offers a completely different experience that will make every moment of your trip enjoyable.


Mumbai is the entertainment capital of India since it is home to Bollywood cinema and many celebrities. There are many historic structures with colonial architecture that are worth exploring.

Get sun-kissed on the popular beaches of Goa. It ranks amongst the top romantic beaches across the world. Newlyweds will be thrilled by the number of beaches with their own speciality and activities.

The picturesque hills, lush green forest and shimmering backwaters make Kerala a must-visit place in India. Stay in a boathouse overnight and experience romance like never before.

Chennai is one of the prime cities of India that has a rich cultural history. The city has several heritage sites and temples. The city is also close to Mahabalipuram, another romantic place that you will be visiting.

The pink city of India, Jaipur is the home of Rajputs. It still preserves the royal sites with forts and palaces open for visitors. Some of them are converted into plush 5-star hotels. The city also maintains the old school architecture that makes it beautiful while witnessing it from a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

The capital of India, New Delhi has seen decades of changes in the country. The city has heritage sites that form a visual timeline of India’s pre and post-independence eras.

Taj Mahal is one of the new wonders of the world. What makes it special is the fact that the monument is a symbol of love. Built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jehaan, it was a tribute to his late wife Mumtaz Begum.


What’s special about this package?


LovingHoneymoons considers your honeymoon to be the most important part of your newly married life. Due to the wedding rush and preparations, you might not be able to plan everything you have in mind for your honeymoon. Our package is specially designed for individuals like you who need exciting adventures and experiences during the honeymoon trip.


These include:


5 Star hotel accommodation

Romantic dinner with champagne

Experiencing a peppy Bollywood film

Historical tour of Goa with overnight yacht stay

India’s finest beer to unwind in the best way

Overnight stay on a boathouse in Kerala

Relaxing and healing Ayurvedic Massage

Rickshaw ride and sightseeing in Chennai

Thrilling wildlife adventure tour

An adventurous hot air balloon ride

Professional makeup and photography at Mumbai, Alleppey, Munnar, Chennai, Jaipur and Taj Mahal

Historical tour of New Delhi and visit to famous markets

A cooking class to learn North and South Indian cuisines and Goan Curry

What makes this trip lovely?

25 Amazing days

Free Professional Photo at Taj Mahal

Unbeatable Romantic Experiences

Highly Affordable

Fun Activities

Best of India

Gallery: 5 Star All India Package

Flexible Itinerary: 5 Star All India Package

Day 1: Mumbai
Begin your honeymoon in Mumbai as our professional tour planner receives you at the airport. We’ll check you in a luxurious 5-star hotel room with a stunning view of the city. To celebrate the beginning of your trip, we have arranged a special romantic dinner and champagne.
Day 2: Mumbai
We begin day 2 with visits to some of the best sightseeing places in Mumbai. The city has old temples, Elephanta caves, Gateway of India, heritage buildings and museums. You will end the day watching a Bollywood film with foot thumping music and vibrant visuals.
Day 3: Mumbai
We believe that the best memories are the ones that you can relive. Our expert chef will teach you to cook some of the best North Indian recipes so that you can prepare them anytime you want. The second half is also dedicated to creating a memory with the help of our professional photographer. We’ll get you clicked at beautiful locations before flying you to Goa.
Day 4: Goa
Check-in at the best 5 Star hotel in Goa that offers honeymoon suites and a view of the beach. Our tour planner will take you on a tour of Goa explaining the state’s history and influences of Portugal rule.
Day 5: Goa
Your 5 Star hotel sits directly in front of a beach where you can simply walk out for a morning walk or a quick swim. We start the day with a tour of suburban parts of Goa. You also get to learn cooking the delicious Goan Curry under a professional chef.
Day 6: Goa
Enjoy the premium service offered by our 5 Star hotel partner during the day. For the evening, we have booked a sunset cruise and a romantic dinner on a yacht.
Day 7: Goa
After you have enjoyed your stay, it is time for creating memories. Goa is the perfect backdrop for a fun photoshoot. We have hired a professional photographer who will click you against sun-kissed beaches and picturesque cliffs.
Day 8: Cochin, Kerala
Dubbed as God’s own country, Kerala’s pleasant climate and pristine backwaters surrounded with the scenic landscape is honeymooner’s paradise. You arrive at Cochin and check into a 5 Star hotel. We have booked the best room for you with a panoramic view of the backwaters. We have got some of the finest Indian beer to help you unwind.
Day 9: Alleppey, Kerala
You will get an up and close experience of the backwaters in Alleppey. You will be checked in for the night on a luxurious boathouse to enjoy an overnight private cruise moving through the villages and magnificent locales. Two members of our team will be on board to navigate and provide you with any service you need.
Day 10: Alleppey, Kerala
After you arrive on the dock after spending a mesmerising night on the boathouse, we’ll take you to one of the oldest Ayurvedic massage centres in India. You can lie down and let all the stress fade with relaxing oils and potions.
Day 11: Cochin, Kerala
Cochin has a picture-perfect setting to spend a romantic holiday. We will show you some of the most beautiful places rich with Portugal history including the St. Francis CSI Church and Mattancherry Palace. You will also get to witness a beautiful evening at Cherai beach to end the day.
Day 12: Cochin, Kerala
Enjoy your 5 Star treatment provided by our hotel partner during the day. After a relaxing day, our expert chef will teach you to prepare some of the most appetising South Indian recipes. The best part of the cooking class is you get to eat the delicacies prepared during the process.
Day 13: Alleppey, Kerala
We drive you through some of the striking locales for a photoshoot in Alleppey. We have hired a professional photographer that will click several pictures of you in several poses against stunning, natural landscapes in the background.
Day 14: Munnar, Kerala
Munnar is one of the most gorgeous hill stations in India. It is surrounded by rolling hills covered with natural vegetation that serves as the best view from your 5 Star hotel accommodation. Have a break on day 14 as you relax and get pampered by the hotel’s in-house services.
Day 15: Munnar, Kerala
On day 15, we’ll take you for a nature trip and wild animal spotting at the Eravikulam National Park. The park is home to the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tahr, Lakkam Waterfalls and hiking trails through the dense forest.
Day 16: Munnar, Kerala
Munnar’s rolling hills are utilised in growing some of the premium teas in the world. We take you to the famous tea estates of the region. Our professional photographer will accompany you to click pictures at different scenic locations.
Day 17: Chennai
Chennai has an old school charm to its infrastructure. The city of temples has architectural wonders including the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, St. Mary’s Anglican Church and Fort St. George. After you check-in at the 5 Star hotel, we take you for a visit to the famous temples in Chennai and then for a romantic dinner.
Day 18: Chennai
Chennai has many places within the city that are cultural heritage sites and has a rich history. The best way to take this trip is to hop on an auto-rickshaw ride. The open-air experience through the lanes and market areas is the best way to experience the real Chennai.
Day 19: Chennai
Chennai is close to Mahabalipuram, a site with a group of temples constructed during the 7th and 8th centuries. We drive you to these temples where you can spend hours admiring the minute sculpting details. The place also has the famous Krishna’s Butter Ball, a massive boulder that is balancing on a small hill nearby. After the sightseeing, you can loosen up and wet your feet at the beach nearby.
Day 20: Chennai
Even if you are not thrillseekers, there is a certain excitement associated with theme parks. We take you to the country’s best theme park filled with activities that will keep you engaged throughout the day. We will have our professional photographer at your disposal to click the amazing moments spent at the theme park.
Day 21: Jaipur
Jaipur is historically the key city of Rajput rulers that once ruled the state of Rajasthan in India. The city still has preserved the heritage passed onto them by the Kings and Queens. You get to experience royalty first hand while walking through the palaces, gardens and courtyards. We assure that our 5 Star Hotel partner provides you with a royal treatment and view of the city.
Day 22: Jaipur
Jaipur’s building structures are all painted to reflect a tone of pink, and that’s why it’s also called the Pink City. To witness the actual beauty of Jaipur, we take you for a Hot Air Balloon Ride that offers a bird’s view of the beautiful city and the surrounding areas. Our professional photographer will accompany you to click this unforgettable mid-air experience.
Day 23: New Delhi
Welcome to the capital city of India, New Delhi. Once you check-in at our affiliated 5-star hotel, we serve you a specially prepared Assam tea to relax your senses. We will then take you for a tour of the city including the heritage sites that narrates the history of the country.
Day 24: New Delhi
Old markets in New Delhi are some of the best places to purchase ethnic accessories, clothes, furniture and more. Some of these markets such as Chandni Chowk date back to the pre-independence era. You can pick some souvenirs as memorabilia of the trip.
Day 25: Taj Mahal
No monument in the world represents true love like Taj Mahal in Agra does. This architectural marvel from the Mughal era was built by Emperor Shah Jehaan as a memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Begum. Such a beautiful exhibition of love sets the best backdrop for your final photoshoot in India by our award-winning photographer. Does this package fit the idea of your perfect honeymoon? Contact our professional tour planner today to receive a free personalised honeymoon plan. We’ll make sure that you experience your honeymoon in the best way possible.

What’s Included?


  •            All meals included for the duration of the trip.


  •             All transport within India included for the duration of the trip.

Premium Accommodation

  •             All premium accommodation included for the duration of the trip.

Professional Photo Shoot

  •             Mumbai
  •             Goa
  •             Alleppey
  •             Munnar
  •             Chennai
  •             Jaipur
  •             Taj Mahal


  •             Airport pick up on arrival
  •             Airport drop for departure


  •            5 Star hotel stay at all locations
  •            Dinner with Champagne
  •            Bollywood film
  •            Historical Tour of Goa
  •            Overnight Yacht stay in Goa
  •            Indian beer
  •            Private overnight cruise in Kerala
  •            Ayurvedic herbal massage
  •            Wildlife tour in Munnar
  •            Sightseeing in auto rickshaw in Chennai
  •            Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur
  •            Historical Tour of New Delhi
  •            Shopping in New Delhi Markets

Fun Activities

  •            North Indian Cooking Class
  •            Goan Curry Cooking Class
  •            South Indian Cooking Class

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