Lambasingi – The Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh

Lambasingi – The Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh

Kashmir may be synonymous with the best place to visit while looking into honeymoon packages in India but there are many other places that can evoke the romance in the newlyweds’ hearts. If you are looking to have a warm fuzzy feeling while enjoying winter chill, catch a little snow, yet stay away from mainstream destinations in the country, head to Lambasingi. The quaint village of Andhra Pradesh goes below zero degrees and is known for snow falls during the winter. So, if you and your partner are visiting this picturesque location, make sure you visit the following places.

Araku Valley

If you love nature, there is nothing more stunning than the shades that this valley has to offer. It boasts of a lush green landscape with waterfalls, streams, coffee fields, and rose gardens. Lovers can hold hands and walk amidst the mango orchards, grasslands, and even visit Coffee House to stock freshly plucked coffee beans.

Kothapally Waterfalls

These waterfalls are not exactly in Lambasingi, but you can easily travel there since they lie in the vicinity. The cascading waterfall is pristine and is a lesser-known tourist spot. This will allow lovers to let loose, dip their toes in the water, and have an enchanting time with each other. The waterfalls remain untouched by any public infrastructure.

Ghat Road

Nothing is more endearing than walking through a beautiful road. You and your partner can hold hands and take a walk through the Ghat Road that offers a sparsely populated space and thick fog cover that makes up for a natural private area. You can also steer away from the road and enter the hills and dense forests where natural splendour and the mist adds up to the romantic mood of honeymooners.

Adventure Activities

If your idea of a honeymoon is to have an adventure, set out for hiking and trekking on the remote hills around Lambasingi. Set out on an expedition to explore the valleys or walk through the coffee and pepper plantations, and trek to the highest point for a phenomenal view of the area. The hills also provide a great trekking path and also can house campers for a night amidst nature.

Uppada Beach

This sprawling beach lies 120 km away from Lambasingi and is a perfect spot to visit after feeling the cold winter chill. The beach offers a vast coastline with untouched beauty, warmth of the sun, and a soothing sea breeze.

Lambasingi is undoubtedly one of the best places for honeymooners to visit in India. If you are planning to add it under your honeymoon tour plan in South India, do consult a professional planner such as that provides customized packages. This will ensure the greatest memory that you would love reliving with your paramour without the hassles of planning and arranging the trip.