Honeymoon romance in the Maldives

Honeymoon romance in the Maldives

When beginning the new chapter of your life, honeymooners from India have varied options to choose from. Apart from the usual places such as Taj Mahal, Kerala and Goa, there are some destinations outside the country that you can fly to and experience something unique. One such destination is the Maldives. Beachheads will love the idea of spending their romantic period here that is bustling with the big sun, a beautiful horizon, and a host of water activities.

The Maldives, a natural beauty

The various resorts are actually individual islands that the Maldives offer. They have luxurious retreats and some exquisite locations to spend a lovely time. These resorts range in size from 2.5 km across to only 150 m. Each island has its own house reef that provides a coral garden and natural aquarium for scuba diving enthusiasts and snorkelers. People who would love to explore the islands can also consider staying at guesthouses built on 5 inhabited islands. Apart from the islands, you can even stay at the capital, Male Island that houses a number of restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions to keep you occupied all day. Couples can simply dip into a protected ocean pool or visit various sightseeing attractions to spend their evenings.

Honeymoon getaway

Newlyweds can visit some delightful places such as Fihalhohi, Biyadhoo, Maafushi, Alimatha, and Veligandu Islands since these places are known to be the perfect honeymoon destinations. For those who want to be mesmerised by nature, the Vaadhoo Island will surprise you with its bioluminescent water and provide a view of Sea of Stars at night. For those who would like to enjoy white sand beaches and exclusive spa retreats, COMO Cocoa is the island to be on. It’s the place where couples can rest their heads on each other’s shoulder, sip a drink, and watch the open waters in the most luxurious way.

More than just sunsets

The Maldives is a place that offers exquisite natural beauty as you gaze into your lover’s eyes. It is surrounded by water on all sides and opens up the possibility for couples to perform various water sports. These include swimming, fishing, scuba diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, and more. Some islands such as Alimatha also offer massage and spa sessions at their Ayurvedic centre and boat trips on the azure waters. There are some amazing oceanic species to watch and nature loving couples can explore over hundreds of species here.

Cultural tourism

Apart from the laid-back nature of the island, there are a lot of many attractions to visit in the Maldives. Check out the National Museum that hosts a large collection of historic artefacts such as weaponry, household wares, religious paraphernalia, and more. There is the Grand Friday Mosque made from white marble and a golden dome. There is also the National Art Gallery that showcases Maldivian artwork along with some international art that includes photographs, paintings, and conceptual works.

The Maldives isn’t far from India and can be easily planned under a budget. With the right honeymoon package planner such as lovinghoneymoons.com, you can make your trip memorable without the hassle of getting into each and every detail yourself.